Lyudmila Matyushina

Music teacher

I am the head of art club in Moscow, But most of all I am multi-instrumentalist teacher with more than 17 years pedagogical experience. In my lessons I combine piano, vocal, ukelele, recorder, djembe and different percussions, use ‘colored music’. I work with toddlers, preschoolers, schoolers, teenagers and adults. Also I am the head of ukelele school for music teachers. I have my own ukelele author’s course and self-published books.

We don’t ‘study’, we play music. We don’t ‘learn’, we are making fairytales. Music is easy, if you know how to play in music. Is it early to begin to play the piano or ukelele at 2 years old? No. Is it late to begin to play the recorder or djembe at 50 years old? Absolutely no!

I create and conduct immersive concerts for children with classical orchestras and different musical instruments in Moscow’s art museums.

On November 2021 Russian Kid’s channel “Karusel” visited my several lessons to make a tv show about ukelele kid’s education.
Here it is!

I always look for new methods, programmes and decisions to find the best ways of learning. I create new musical games, new musical pieces, new forms of musical education. Have you ever seen lesson-quest? When children are going to find musical pirates’ treasures? Or lesson-fairytale?  I use modern and rare ethnic musical instruments to make my lessons unforgettable. 

In my class I often make different instrumental ensembles, mixing different instruments. Every year we take a part in various musical competitions and become winners very often. Is it so important to become a winner? No. It is not our main idea. Competitions are important for children to become more independent, creative and teach them how to overcome all difficulties.